e-Conomics en Radicand Economics bundelen hun krachten met Ngrane in Amsterdam!

It’s official! We now offer a full service package for building platforms, in collaboration with Ngrane.

e-Conomics and Radicand Economics have been organizing business model sprints for business clients such as Heijmans, PharmAccess and Nyenrode. These are workshops in which we help companies to translate a rough idea for a platform into a concrete business model, including the design of the platform and the revenue model. These sprints are now offered under the brand name of Ngrane, an Amsterdam-based company that designs and builds user interfaces, platforms and digital products for business growth. Recent clients of Ngrane include Independer, Nike, PepsiCo and TMG.

The collaboration with Ngrane enables us to offer our customers comprehensive support in a process ranging from an idea for a platform to a business model and strategy, to the technological design and implementation of the platform. Further information will follow soon – stay informed!

N.B. e-Conomics and Radicand continue to offer services independently in the field of consultancy and research.